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This Email Marketing Software Quick Start Guide will cover the basics of using the software to enable you to quickly learn and use it. This guide covers the basics only. For guides to more advanced features, please use our Support page for reference.

Below are the specific areas that this guide will focus on.

Creating lists

Lists are what hold subscribers (each unique email address). To create lists, click on the “Lists” tab along the top. Then click the “Add” button at the bottom, or, the “Add New List” on the right.


Provide a name for your list. Type in the Company name and Address (this is required and will be added to each Campaign that you send out). Click on the “Add” button,


*** You can also use previously used addresses by clicking the drop-down right above the “Add” button ***


Once added, your new list will be in the system. You can now Add subscribers one by one or Import a group of subscribers into the new list.


Importing Subscribers

To populate your lists with subscribers, you can use three methods: Import directly from a File, Copy & Paste the subscribers, or use an external source. You can Add/Import new subscribers by going to the Subscribers page. Click on the Subscribers tab along the top, then click the “Import” button at the bottom, or “Import Subscribers” button on the right.


On the Import Subscribers page, choose your file and the lists you want to import into. Then click “Next”.

(Alternatively, you can Copy & Paste your subscribers, or choose an External Service to connect and import from. Please refer to the Importing Subscribers tutorial for a more detailed guide to importing.)


Once imported, your subscribers will appear under each list that they are a part of:


Sending campaigns

Once you have your created Lists and imported Subscribers, you are ready to send campaigns! Click on the “Campaigns” tab along the top, and then click the “Create a new Campaign” on the right or the “Create New” button at the bottom.


For simple, one-time campaigns, choose “One-Time Campaign”. Other types are Auto Responder, RSS, Subscriber Date Based, Split Testing, and Text-Only.

Provide an internal name (this name only appears internally – you’ll have the option to provide an email subject later). Click Next.


Next, choose the list that you’d like to send the campaign to. Click Next.


The next step lets you choose your Template. Choose from a blank Template (start from scratch), or a stock Template. All of your templates will appear here (if you create your own templates, they will appear here also). Click Next.


Once you choose a template (or blank email), you will be able to edit the message contents, as well as Subject, From, and additional email headers:


When you are ready to save your email message, hit “Next” or “Save” along the bottom.

After hitting “Next,” you will be on the summary page. Hit “Send Now” to initiate the campaign sending process.


Your campaign is now sending!

Viewing Reports

Once a campaign has sent, you can view reports to see the different statistics on the campaign.

You can view the following stats on the Reports page:

  • Opens/Unopens
  • Forwards
  • Links clicked
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscriptions
  • Updates
  • Social Sharing

To view a Report for a particular campaign, click on the Reports tab and then click on the “View Reports” button for the particular Campaign that you want to view.


Below is a sample view of a Campaign Reports Page.


In addition to viewing Statistics on your campaign, you can also print, resend, export, or share your campaign reports:


Integrating With Websites

Lastly, you may wish to include subscriber integration on external websites or your Facebook page. You may even want to use a QR Code to direct subscribers to your Subscription page. You can do all this through the Integration page. You can create and embed subscription forms directly on your website.

Click the “Integration” tab along the top, then the “Create New Form” button:


Add a Form Name (for internal use only – this will not show up on your webpage), and choose the list this from will apply to. Click OK.


Build your form using the drag & drop editor. Click on a field on the left to add it to the form and drag it to the position you wish to place it on. Click save when you wish to save your form.

You can customize your Subscription even further by clicking the “Theme &style options” tab and choosing a theme.

There are also other settings that you can configure such as the subscription confirmation page, subscription error page, opt-in email, and selections. You can configure this by going to the “Opt-in confirmation email” Tab and/or the “Form Settings” Tab.